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This for is for internal use only. Students who are accepted by Union College will be required to submit their abstract to NCUR. Only students who are accepted by Union College can attend NCUR.
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5.Paste your abstract in the box below following the guidelines below.
•  Only the primary presenter needs to submit an abstract.  Only one abstract should be submitted for each presentation.
•  Abstracts are usually 250-300 words long.  They should be no more than 450 words in length.

Abstracts should:

•  State, in clear terms, the central research question and the purpose of the research.

•  Provide a brief discussion of the research methodology.

•  State conclusions, either final or anticipated.

•  Be well organized.

All abstracts will undergo a rigorous review by a panel of faculty reviewers.  Abstract reviewers will evaluation submissions based on the criteria listed above and will assess overall merit within the context of the specific academic discipline.

There is a limit of two abstracts submitted per primary researcher.

Abstracts should observe the following:

•  Complete the abstract using appropriate upper and lower case letters.

[A sample abstract appears below.]

Sample Abstract

Recent outbreaks of pertussis, more commonly known as whooping cough, and a steady increase of nationwide reported cases, have brought attention to a once common childhood disease. Prior studies have demonstrated that mothers with immunity to pertussis will transfer a comparable amount of immunity to their newborns, giving them some protection until immunizations can begin.  In consideration of this, it is important to determine if pregnant women have detectable levels of immunity to Bordetella pertussis.  Blood samples were taken from ninety-four pregnant women, age twenty-five and older, to measure their levels of IgG to the pertussis antigen. Participants were also given a short survey regarding their pertussis immunization history. The testing was performed using an ELISA method specific for the pertussis IgG antibody. Only forty-five percent of the participants tested positive for the antibody, which was much lower than expected. In addition, a high percentage of the participants could not recall when they had last received a pertussis vaccination. These results suggest a need for public awareness and education about pertussis and the options for vaccination. This is crucial in preventing the spread of pertussis, not only for the general public, but particularly for mothers and their newborn children.
6.I understand that by submitting an abstract I am committed to attending  NCUR on April 3-6, and that travel to the conference may necessitate that we are gone from April 2 - April 7.
Be sure to check your personal and athletic schedule BEFORE submitting your abstract. Once the abstract is received by the Office of Undergraduate Research a student may not  withdraw.
Typing my name below indicates my commitment to attending NCUR.

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